FAD Gallery’s ‘Unknown Soldiers’ Exhibition – April 15 2015



FAD Gallery is proud to host a commemorative ANZAC Centenary exhibition entitled ‘Unknown Soldiers’, whose centrepiece is a 5 metre enlargement of a WW1 photo of 178 as-yet unidentified officers, NCOs and men of the 13th Brigade, Australian Field Artillery, taken in Sains-du-Nord, France, on 21 February 1919.



The photo itself is compelling.


What makes it doubly engrossing is that there are apparently no official records of the identities of Soldiers in the photo. It was taken by Photographer Cyril Jackson, and The Australian War Memorial has the negatives of this, and a second image of the Brigade, but no identities.

The aim of the exhibition is to use the image as a springboard to identifying these Soldiers. FAD has set up a facebook Group so that the relatives and friends of these Servicemen can both identify them, and tell their stories – as an online Military/Cultural/Social History of these men, and so as to give a context to their Service to the Country. Each Serviceman has been isolated, so as to aid their identification. Please visit our ‘Unknown Soldiers’ Group and help solve a Historical riddle.

Unknown Soldiers also features the ‘Gallipoli‘ series of paintings and drawings by multi award winning South Australian artist Karl James.


‘Unknown Soldiers’  begins on 15 April @ 6pm (Opening) and continues through to 16 May. Exhibition hours are 2-12pm, Tuesdays to Fridays, and 4-9pm on Saturdays.




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